Personal Tech Overload – Is it Really Making Life Any Easier?

We are told that Technology is supposed to make life easier. Tools are supposed to make us more efficient, which they do, thus provide more leisure. Is it working? Hard to say really, it depends and therefore depending on the device the answer really is; Yes and no.In fact, we do know one thing for sure personal technology is making our lives more complex, it’s causing some changes too in human brain evolution with regards to brain usage and reasoning strengths. In many regards humans are losing some of their abilities and gaining new ones. The changes in life of a modern first world middle class person of today and let’s say 30-years ago is completely different.Such is life, but the change is somewhat drastic compared to 1000s of years for changes in past periods, of course, with humans living longer, this has tempered the issues of brain evolution. Luckily, for us all this technology seems to be working, and humans can probably handle more, how much more is hard to say, but humans are going to have to upgrade their reasoning ability along with continually adapting to the onslaught of new personal tech in their lives.We’ll have too, if we are to move forward without causing chaos to the system, considering all the technology at our disposal. It’s hard to say what sorts of communication devices or personal tech items we will be toting around or have implanted in our brains in the future. Think on this, and then send me a thought message.